Sixt bus the movie

"How will she live?
How did they die?
One mans truth is
another mans lie."


“Sixth Bus” has been awarded project
development funding of half a million
euro from the prestigious national
arts endowment fund, the Croatian
Audiovisual Center (HAVC). Australia’s
Global Entertainment Media has
committed to co-produce and invest
in “Sixth Bus” and the project is in
negotiations with the national public
broadcaster (HRT, Croatian Television)
to co-produce and invest a substantial
percentage of the films budget.


The “Sixth Bus” is a film about a young
woman trying to find out where, how
and why a man form her past died during
a war that stunned Europe and the world.
It is about a search for identity; simmering
beneath this need is a quest for faith,

connection, and redemption.
The “Sixth Bus” is a search for truth
in a place where truth is selective, elusive
and even feared. Ultimately the “Sixth Bus”
is a film about awakening and freedom.


For the Croatian people, Vukovar
is a place of deeply rooted pride, considered
to be the birthplace of Croatian statehood
where the countries’ independence was
forged in blood. This pride is more than the
painful facts and figures of war; it has already
become part of the national memory of

heroism and history -
like the Alamo in the USA or Masada
in Israel. During an unrelenting
three-and-a-half-month long siege
of Vukovar by the Yugoslav army and
Serbian paramilitary forces, one and
a half million mortar shells were fired upon
this small Croatian city


Dominik Galić

The “Sixth Bus” was written by Eduard Galić, Dominik Galić, and Jure Pavlović
(recent winner of the European Film Award for best short film).
Dominik is the film’s producer and his father Eduard is the film’s director. Eduard
is a highly regarded and awarded Croatian director credited with over 50 film and
television productions spread over a career spanning almost as many years.